Company Strategy                             The company’s 5 Point Strategy

The company’s objectives are divided into five main areas.


1) To produce a sample 1.5 lt. sample BotBrik bottle.The 1.5lt. capacity BotBrik is very similar in size to a conventional building brick. These sample Botbriks will be sent to bottling companies and other interested parties.​


2) To patent the design in more than 50 countries.


3) To inform bottling companies about the new design and explain its advantages.


4) To contact and to inform consumer groups, ecological and green organizations and disaster relief NGOs, municipal and governmental authorities. They would be told about the existence of, and the positive features regarding the new plastic bottle design and how to help bring about its general use.


5) To sign Royalty Payment Agreements with bottling companies and to create income.

How will we opperate and spread the word?

We propose to operate on three different fronts simultaneously to achieve as fast as posible the use of BotBriks. 

1. To produce sample BotBriks so that bottling companies can examine them and be able to plan their production lines in order to produce them. We will use a specialized plastic bottle producing company to make them. When we have BotBriks we would build sample constructions, photograph them, and use this material for promotional purposes.

2. Promotion Department. We would have a marketing team of multi-lingual operators who would contact bottling companies, architects, NGOs, consumer groups, disaster relief organizations, amongst others worldwide. They would also contact local and national authorities because the use of BOTBRIKS would considerably diminish the solid waste collection and disposal problem that they have at the present.  Special promotional material would be   designed and we plan to use social media extensively.

3. The Administration Department. To manage the patenting of the new design in more than 50 countries and to organize the signings of Royalty Payment Agreements. It would also administer the company's daily and monthly operations and the collection of patent royalties.

“A Strategy, even a great one,  doesn’t implement itself” (Jeroen De Flander)

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