Building Bricks

 Brick making        in the           Developed          World

In the developed world bricks are made on an industrial scale and they try to be as efficient and ecologically friendly as possible, but they use huge amounts of energy and produce CO2 emissions and other health hazardous emissions.

 Brick making         in the          Developing         World

Building bricks are a constantly needed material in developing countries. In the developing world, the primitive production methods cause major air and water pollution and the environmental damage is very big.  It is also a major user of child and even slave labour.

External Use of      BotBrik

BotBriks fit together in a three dimensional manner and do not need binding materials to hold them in place. They are excellent for building walls. Being made of plastic they are not affected by water or extreme weather. When used for construction purposes they fit together very easily and almost any adult person could build using them.

Internal Use of      BotBrik

When BotBriks are in circulation, consumers will start to use them to make useful objects for their own homes and gardens. Mankind has a built-in instinct to construct and build and many persons would be particularly reluctant to discard anything which could be used to make something useful. Right now conventional empty plastic bottles are used for decorative purposes.