Ecological Aspects

Global Plastic Bottle Use - Statistics

Some surprising numbers. The following figures are not a work of fiction. What started out as a practical and wonderful substitution for glass bottles, has been transformed into a global ecological menace. In many towns and universities bottled water has been completely banned. Thousands of tons of PET and HDPE plastic are used every year to manufacture plastic bottles. 

Circular Economy


The best solution is to re-use. We have to change our “use and throw away” mindset if we don’t want to destroy our planet, our homes and annihilate Humankind. Individuals across the world need to reassess their consumption patterns and habits. We need to re-examine what is important and actively find ways to reduce the amount of resources we consume and how to manage our waste better.

Consumer Satisfaction


Fortunately most of the general public realize and admit that global warming, the pollution of the earth and the world’s oceans is real. The problem is that ordinary people can do very little on their own to prevent this happening or even to slow it down. It will be very important to explain to consumers the positive ecological aspects of BotBriks and how they themselves may use them to construct useful items for their homes. 

Disaster Relief


When earthquakes, floods, typhoons, hurricanes and tsunamis happen, one of the first urgent needs of the affected population is to provide safe drinking water. This need is normally satisfied using millions of bottles filled with mineral water.

After the water has been consumed, the empty bottles are discarded and many, due to the chaotic existing conditions, end up in the ocean. This present solution becomes an environmental problem.