BotBrik Company

The BotBrik Patent 

The BotBrik design was patented in Spain in the search for a sustainable solution to prolong the life cycle of the plastic content of billions of plastic bottles discarded every day. The patent text describes and illustrates the unique qualities of the design. How the BotBriks interlock together in a three dimensional manner without the need of any binding materials. They may be used in either vertical or horizontal positions.

Company Strategy

The company’s Five Point Strategy is designed to inform the general public and consumers, bottling companies and all other interested parties about the advantages of using and consuming products packaged in BotBriks. Our immediate aim is to create all the information and promotional material in the different languages that would be needed for our Social Media campaign and other campaigns. 

      Social             Media

The very fact that you are reading this now means that you, most likely, received our link by Social Media or Social Networking.

It is great! It is what we want to achieve. Spread the word about BotBrik.

Social Media is becoming an integral part of our daily life and here at BotBrik we consider it as one of the main pillars to get BotBrik known and used around the world.

Welcome to the BotBrik Revolution!

Advantages for Bottling Companies

There are several advantages that the bottling companies would benefit from when they use the new BotBrik design. The main one is an increase in sales. Consumers and the general public are more likely to buy liquids packaged in re-usable ecologically friendly plastic bottles than conventional potentially eco damaging ones. More sales, more profits, more civil responsibility.