Advantages for Bottling Companies          More sales, more profits, more civil responsibility. 

When bottling companies start to produce BotBrik re-usable plastic bottles they will have several advantages.


1)  BotBrik´s packaging may be advertised as “new”, “ecologically friendly”, “has re-sale value”, “revolutionary” and as “problem solver” and as a consequence of this positive publicity, increase their sales.


2)   Bottling companies would change their image, from the negative one they have today, to a positive and environmentally friendly one.


3)    Municipal governments, universities and even small towns may now be persuaded to lift the present ban on single use plastic bottles and so substantially increase the bottling companies’ sales prospects.


4)    In under-developed countries BotBriks could become an essential material for construction purposes with the resulting sales increase for the bottling companies.


5)  Another advantage is that for the first time, small and medium sized mineral water companies will be able to advertise. At the moment only the giant multinational companies advertise their brand names. When bottling companies are the first in their marketing areas to start to use BotBriks, then they can advertise the benefits of their water and also the ecological advantages of its packaging. Advertising is one of the best methods to increase sales.

Bottling companies may be divided into several groups: those that bottle mineral water; the ones that bottle sugary drinks; companies bottling edible products, such as olive oil and milk; and those that bottle cleaning products and detergents.

All these bottling companies are potential clients for our BotBrik plastic bottle design.

It is important that these companies are informed about the advantages of BotBrik bottles and how they can benefit from their use, to start to produce them.

After being exposed to our Social Media, newspaper and online publicity and information campaign, consumers should be ready to buy BotBrik products when they appear on the shelves.

To change ones production lines to produce a new design of bottle is not an easy decision. We hope that bottling companies will realize the benefits for themselves and for humanity and that they make this change.

Bottling Companies have a big Ecological and Social Responsibility.