Botbriks: External Use                   Faster and cheaper Building

In the developing countries plastic bottles are being used for construction purposes at the present time.

In the following video we can see how people in India are using normal plastic bottles to build. (Please click on video. If it does not open, please refresh the page and click again.)

The main problem is that conventional plastic bottles are round in shape and need large amounts of binding materials. 


Just imagine what they could do if they had BotBriks. 

BotBriks fit together in a three dimensional manner and do not need binding materials to hold them in place. They are excellent for building walls. Being made of plastic they are not affected by water or extreme weather. When used for construction purposes they fit together very easily and almost any adult person could build using them.  To build using conventional building bricks, highly skilled and expensive workers are necessary. BotBrik constructions may be built using semi-skilled labour.

When filled with sand BotBriks are stronger than building bricks. Walls may be built in about one quarter of the time traditional walls take.

One example would be separating walls in basement areas and in gradens and parks. When a suitable basic structure has been put in place, the BotBriks may replace traditional bricks in almost any size of building. 

In developing countries houses, schools and other buildings could be constructed. 

In developed countries empty BotBriks are ideal for building greenhouses. They may be used for outdoor constructions in gardens and parkes. In public places they could be used to construct sculptures and ornamental creations. 

BotBrik: A practical and ecologically friendly Building Alternative.