Consumer Awareness                           Promoting  the purchase of BotBrik products. 

It very important than when bottling companies start to produce BotBriks that the general public and consumers are ready and willing to buy them. We will launch a large scale multi- lingual information and explanation campaign on Social Media, print and online newspapers and magazines.

Editorial material and photographs would be prepared and sent to local and regional newspapers. These newspapers are always looking for news items. Online magazines would also be sent material which they could publish. Remember BotBriks would be NEWS.

The information material would highlight the scale of the present ecological damage perpetrated by the incorrect disposal of single use plastic bottles. It would explain the advantages of re-using the empty bottles to prevent them becoming a harzardous waste problem.




The consumption of single use plastic bottles is now considered “anti-social” in many modern societies. When a re-usable plastic bottle is available, then consumers may experience a genuine feeling of satisfaction when they buy them because they are helping the environment and to    

                                                                      create a better society.



Consumers have at least five choices when they are in possession of an empty BotBrik:


A.- They can use it themselves to construct something, either interior or exterior.


B.- They could sell it to someone or some organization which is using large quantities of BotBriks for some construction project.


C.- They could give it away to some charity or NGO which is involved in transporting the BotBriks to regions where the general population is using them for building purposes.


D.- They could donate the BotBriks to a local church, school or university which may have construction and ecological teaching projects in progress.


E.- Deposit the bottle in the correct recycling bin. BotBriks are just plastic bottles and when they are not re-used they can be recycled just like any other plastic bottle.

Consumers have the power to change the World.