Social Media

Right from the start Social Media will be an integral part of BotBrik. As we are obtaining the funds to start this endeavor through Crowdfunding we trust that each of the persons investing in BotBrik will help us spread the word in their local communities and local bottling companies. 

We are introducing a new and revolutionary plastic bottle design, BotBrik. Our new design for plastic bottles transforms the empty plastic bottles into interlocking building bricks.What does this mean? It means change and our society in general is reluctant to change, but this shift in our way of life is necessary and it is not an option but an esential requirement. 

  • Bottling companies will have to change some aspects in their bottling lines to produce BotBriks. They need to know that these changes will help both their social image and increase their sales.
  • Consumer Groups. Customers and consumers will have to modify their consumer habits and demand BotBriks and use them
  • In the building industry BotBriks need to be utilized for building.
  • Disaster Relief Organizations need to start using BotBriks to send safe drinking water and to promote their building properties for rebuilding purposes.
  • Ecological and Green Associations need to be informed about BotBrik and all of its ecological benefits.
  • Newspapers and magazines need to start writing about BotBrik. Our new design is news.
  • Organizations promoting the Circular Economy and governments and local authorities need to know about BotBrik to implement it in their communities and promote their use. 

This change will not happen by itself. We need to create it, and all the people and organizations mentioned above connected to Social Media and working together can make it happen.

To create this change we need the incredible power that Social media has. We need to spread the word about Botbrik and force this shift.

"The power of Social Media is it forces necessary change"

 (Erik Qualman, American author of Socialnomics)

Knowing the importance of Social Media, BotBrik will have a team of tech savvy people in these areas working in the sales and marketing department. We will also count with the support of independent experts and experienced companies in the areas of Social Media analytics; Social Media Marketing (SMM); Social Media Optimization (SMO) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This outsourced expertise will also help us in our Social CRM (Customer Relationship Marketing) and                                                

to create the virality needed to spread the word and start

the BotBrik change.

              Spread the word about BotBrik.                  Make the BotBrik Revolution a reality.