BotBriks: Internal Use                     Use your imagination 

When BotBriks are in circulation, consumers will start to use them to make useful objects for their own homes and gardens. Mankind has a built-in instinct to construct and build and many persons would be particularly reluctant to discard anything which could be used to make something useful. Right now conventional empty plastic bottles are used for decorative purposes in homes, hotels and offices.

Paint may be poured into empty BotBriks, agitated, and then poured out. This action will leave the inside surface of the BotBrik covered in brightly colored paint. The fact that the painted surface is inside the BotBrik, means that it will not be affected by exterior abuse or friction, etc.

These colored BotBriks may be fitted together to make perfect cubes for stools or tables, paper baskets, window boxes, washing baskets and all type of garden furniture. Smaller sized BotBriks may be used for screens and divisions.

When BotBriks are available then the general public will use thier imagination to build all kinds of useful items. These construction experiences may be shared on Facebook and other social media channels. When different sizes of BotBriks are available, many new uses will be invented. 

Consumers may use their Imagination creating useful Objects while they help the Ecology by reusing the BotBriks.