Disaster Relief Water Packaging               Safe drinking water + rebuilding material

We have heard this slogan many times, “When disaster strikes, bottled water is the superhero”. And it is true, safe drinking water is vital for survivors of the crisis to avoid dehydration and disease. This need is normally satisfied using millions of bottles filled with mineral water. When does the superhero become the villain? After the water has been consumed, where are the empty bottles discarded?

The recent earthquakes and hurricanes affecting Haiti have highlighted this environmental problem. Over 3 million bottles of water were donated to Haiti by one single bottling company. Where are these 3 million plastic bottles now?

If BotBriks were to be used to transport the drinking water then three important problems would be solved.


  • One would be that the affected population would have access to safe drinking water.
  • The second advantage would be that the re-building of dwellings and infrastructures could begin immediately.
  • The third advantage is a viable and practical solution to the huge environmental problem caused by the millions of discarded empty plastic bottles.


BotBriks are not damaged when in contact with water and do not need binding materials.

This use of BotBriks is a logical and practical solution for this serious problem. We expect that in the near future most Disaster Relief drinking water will be transported in BotBriks.

As mentioned in the Circular Economy and Patent sections, one very important aspect about BotBrik is its universal design and size. BotBriks produced in China will have the same size and shape as BotBriks in Spain or in The United States, so they can be reused all over the world.

This universal aspect is very important in the case of Disaster Relief. BotBriks sent from different countries in the world to one place as aid will all fit together and help the local population to rebuild their normal life again.

BotBrik: Safe Drinking Water and Rebuilding Material, all in one.